Apna Ghar House Financing

Our Home is the centre of our world. A place where we find peace. We understand your desire to make your house truly your home. Our House Financing Product ensures this happens.

Particulars Bank’s Policy
About Scheme Apna Ghar House Finance scheme is a long term finance facility for
  • Purchase of House/Flat
  • Construction of house on self-owned plot
  • Purchase of plot & construction thereon
  • Renovation/Home improvement
Can I Avail House Loan Facility? Yes, if you are
  • Salaried individuals (SI)
  • Self Employed Professionals (SEP)
  • Self Employed Businessman (SEB)
  • Non Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) and quality eligibility criteria
What is Eligibility Criteria Salaried Individual (SI)
  • Age between 21 & 60 years
  • Permanent / contractual employee with minimum 03 years experience
Businessman & Professionals (SEP/SEB)
  • Age between 25 & 65 years
  • Minimum 03 Years in current business.
Non Resident Pakistanis
  • Age between 25 & 65 years Have valid documentary proof of at lease 03 years of perpetual income in foreign country as salaried individual or SEB/ SEP
How Much Loan Facility Can I Avail ? Purchase of House/Flat & Construction
  • Minimum Rs.500,000/- Maximum Rs.50.0 Million for
Construction of house on self owned plot
  • Minimum Rs.500,000/- Maximum Rs.25.0 Million for
Renovation/Home Improvement Monthly
  • Minimum Rs. 500,000/- Maximum Rs. 5.0 Million for

Monthly Installment(s) should not exceed 50% of disposable income
What is the Tenure of Loan ? 3 to 20 years(for Purchase of House & construction on self owned plot & purchase of plot & construction thereon)
1 to 10 years (Renovation/home improvement)
What is the Markup Rate ? 1 Year ask side KIBOR 350 bps (For Salaried Individual)
1 Yeas ask side KIBOR 450 bps (For SEB/SEP/NRPs)
The rate is fixed for 01 year and revised annually due to change in KIBOR.
What Other Charges Do I Have To Pay ? Processing Charges( including ECIB & verification charges)
Loan amount Upto Rs.10.0 M = Rs. 10,000/-
Loan amount Above Rs.10.0 M = Rs. 20,000/-
Documentation Charges = Actual
Property Insurance and Life Assurance = At actual
Property Valuation Charges, Legal Charges, foreclosure charges. All stamp duties, CVT, documentation charges, levies etc. = At actual
Late Payment Penalties = Rs 1/- per thousand per day of installment amount
Pre-payment / pre-partial payment Penalty
  • 5% if adjusted during First three year
  • 4% if adjusted in 4th year
  • 2% if adjusted in 5th year
  • 1% if adjusted after 5th year
What Documents Are Required ? For salaried & Businessman & Self Employed Professionals
  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • Two Recent passport size Photographs
  • Bank Statement ( last 06 month for salaried persons and 01 year for SEP / SEB/ NRPs)
  • Latest Copy of utility bills of residence & office
  • Documentary evidence in business or in the profession for the last 03 years
  • Copy of professional degree for self-employed professionals
  • Copy Proprietorship Certificate/Partnership Deed or Form 29 (if customer is a businessman / director of the company)
For Non Resident Pakistanis
  • Copy of valid passport at time of approval
  • Copy of valid residency / work permit VISA
  • Bank statement of last 01 year in foreign country showing income source
  • Documentary proof of employment / business / profession from last 03 years in foreign country of residence
  • Any documentary evidence of living address/stay in Pakistan

How Can I Avail The Facility ?
  • Download application form ==> Attach required Documents & send to nearest Consumer Financing Centre (CFC) OR
  • Contact our nearest Consumer Financing Center (CFC) OR
  • Email your contact number at apnaghar@bop.com.pk
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