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BOP Foreign Se Home Remittance offer invincible service to Pakistani who are working far away from their home and loved once to send money to their mother land with an eye blink. Bank of Punjab is one of the fastest growing commercial bank of Pakistan and is in Top banks to receive remittance. The Bank of Punjab has developed its in house application by the name of ‘ForeignSe’ to facilitate various exchange companies and banks to send home remittance to Pakistani on real time basis. This has made possible, for all Pakistanis, to receive remittances by their loved ones for FREE, in a fast and fully secured manner.

Our large network of over 575 + branches covers 194 major cities of Pakistan. BOP can deliver your remittances to every part of Pakistan. We understand that transfer money back home to relatives, friends & family requires occasionally or on a regular basis and we can provide safe and secure money transfer facilities. We take every possible step to ensure that the funds sent are readily transferred to their family members. The beneficiaries in Pakistan can easily receive the money from any branch of BOP or its agents. BOP branches are conveniently located in all the key areas. The network of these branches is being rapidly expanded to other areas as well.


For Business:

If you are interested in doing business with BOP. Contact on below email address
Farrukh.majeed@bop.com.pk Head Home Remittance

For Operation: Any query related to operation kindly email on

For all inquiries related to Business and services please contact us at hru@bop.com.pk

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